Share your Flutter apps in browser

Optimize the process of sharing clickable apps. Upload your Flutter project, generate a link and share it.

No need to install anything. All can be done through browser.

How it works?

You can start sharing your Flutter apps in 3 easy steps. It will take you less than a minute.

  1. Upload app files

Choose your Flutter files, name your project and click “upload”. After that, you will see your app in dashboard.

  1. Preview your project

Click play icon to preview your app. Public share link will generate automatically.

  1. Publish and share

Copy the link and send it to your client, friends or team. You can also share it on social media directly from FlutterHost.

Easy in use. Click and share.

We know that as a developer, you love creating new things. The process of sharing of a clickable app is usually boring, since it’s not that much creative work. Why not to limit app-sharing to just a few clicks with FlutterHost?

Share your app projects

Just upload Flutter files and generate link or embed your project. Simple as that.

Speed up your workflow

No need to install anything or even use mobile device. All can be done in seconds.

Show your work

Create portfolio of your functional Flutter apps and show it to people!

Made by developers.
For developers.

We’re developers too, and we wanted to make a tool that we will use ourselves. Now, we enable other great Flutter devs to use it and save some valuable minutes. Feel free to share your feedback with us.

Share as you like

With FlutterHost, you can share your clickable app in 3 different ways.


Generate public link and send to your clients, friends, team or simply post on social media.

Private (soon)

Select FlutterHost users that will have exclusive access to your app project. No one else will see it.


Copy iframe code and paste it to your website. Your visitors will be able to click app directly on your website.

What can't be hosted on FlutterHost?

On FlutterHost you can host any Flutter app which runs properly as Flutter web app. That means you can't use any hardware specific code, for example Bluetooth connection.

Can I somehow bypass incompatibilities with web?

In order to bypass hardware limitation, you can always prepare mocked functionalities especially for web.

You can learn more about it here.

Do I need to write additional code to host my Flutter app?

In most cases. Usually all you need to do is follow the damn train CJ... Oh, sorry. Usually you need to add some configuration files. Additional code is needed only in previously mentioned situations.

Can my app communicate with backend?

Yes! You can communicate with your backend, Firebase etc. just like a normal app would do.


Here are some answers for frequently asked questions. If you need any other information, you can contact us anytime.

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